Levels of Physiotherapy Service

At Lane Cove Physio our fee structure is based on the level of education, qualification and expertise of our staff. We spend more time with you than most practices offering our specialist and expert service to help you achieve your goals.

At Lane Cove Physio we know that hearing your story, conducting a thorough examination, taking the time to educate you, and setting up a simple to follow home plan at your first visit, saves you time and money in the long run. Based on time for service we are actually cheaper than many practices.

At Lane Cove Physio, we have 3 levels of physiotherapy Service:

Specialist Physiotherapists (FACP)

(as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists)

This is the highest level of expertise in their particular field of physiotherapy. Physiotherapists & doctors often refer to specialist physiotherapists to obtain an advanced diagnosis for a specific problem. Specialists perform reviews on complex, distressing, and disabling health and sporting complaints.

Post Graduate Physiotherapist

Have completed their Masters, which is further study in their chosen field i.e. Musculoskeletal, Sport or research PhD. This extra study involves advanced clinical training and research. They are very experienced and senior physiotherapists who ensure the delivery of the highest possible care.


Have completed their Bachelors or Masters degree at university. All Lane Cove Physiotherapists are experienced and committed to ongoing education to ensure the delivery of the highest possible care. The physiotherapists are all involved in an ongoing mentoring program by Jack, the practice principal and Specialist physiotherapist ensuring our physiotherapists deliver similar philosophies of treatment.