Lane Cove Physio is offering a variety of exercise options for pregnant women and new mothers wanting to maintain their fitness and strength during this special time.

Antenatal Classes

Want to sleep better and keep fit during pregnancy? Our antenatal classes enable you to exercise safely in a buoyant environment throughout your pregnancy.

During pregnancy, fitness levels commonly decline as exercise becomes more difficult. This can make childbirth and life as a new mum a lot more exhausting.

Evidence shows that pregnant women who perform hydrotherapy based exercise have improved sleep. The aim of Antenatal Hydrotherapy Classes is to promote exercise that is beneficial and safe, with many health benefits. The low impact exercise classes are a fun and safe way to maintain your fitness levels, decrease swelling and promote good circulation.

The indoor hydrotherapy pool is heated to 34°C, a perfect environment for low impact exercise, floating and relaxing. The group situation provides support and comfort from other mothers-to-be in the class experiencing similar problems.

Postnatal Classes

In the first few months of motherhood, extra energy and patience are required to cope with the onset of any difficulties that may arise. Increased stress can interfere the establishment of a healthy mother-infant attachment.

The aim of the Postnatal Hydrotherapy Class is to promote exercise that is beneficial and safe for both parent and baby.
Our heated hydrotherapy pool affords you and your baby the comfort of experiencing water in a safe, relaxed and fun group environment.

The class will be offered twice weekly with parent (either Mum or Dad) and baby. All exercise classes are conducted by qualified physiotherapists who target the strengthening and toning of the important muscle groups (e.g. abdominals, pelvic floor, upper and lower limb postural muscles) while improving cardiovascular fitness post-pregnancy.

Monique our Women’s Health Physio is also a qualified Learn-to-swim teacher with experience in teaching parent/baby classes.

The low impact exercise program is designed to improve your general fitness and the strength of your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor. But it’s not all about exercise. There is anecdotal evidence to suggest that babies exposed to time in the hydrotherapy pool with their mum settle better. Postnatal hydrotherapy classes are the perfect chance to start familiarizing your new baby to being in the water.

Postnatal Assessments

We highly recommend ALL women to have a postnatal assessment following both vaginal and caesarean section births, especially if you have experienced any incontinence, heaviness in the vagina or prolapse or if you plan on returning to any high impact exercise.

If you wish to book in a postnatal assessment following the birth of your baby we offer a thorough assessment which is vital to assess your pelvic floor function and treat existing issues you may be having post-birth. It can also reduce pelvic floor dysfunctions from occurring in the future.

Our Physio Monique, who is trained in Women’s Health also treats common antenatal and postnatal conditions such as low back pain, pelvic girdle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist pain, abdominal separation, breastfeeding conditions (in particular mastitis), as well as any bowel or bladder function difficulties.

You do not require a referral from your doctor however it can be helpful to bring any relevant information to your appointment.


Monday 6pm, Thursday 6pm

Cost: $30 (less out of pocket once Hicaps is claimed)


Commencing Feb 18 2019

Monday 1pm, Friday 11am

Cost: $30 (less out of pocket once Hicaps is claimed)

Please contact our reception to book in 94285772.