Time to improve your swimming ability?

Time to improve your swimming ability?

Are you a keen swimmer?

Do you experience shoulder or any joint/muscle pain whilst swimming?

Are you a competitive swimmer and looking for a way to improve your times?


Monique Bain, elite swimmer and physio at Lane Cove is offering a BULK BILLED initial screening (i.e. no out of pocket expense after health cover claim) for swimmers, in time for the competitive swimming and ocean swimming season.


Whether you are looking at correcting your stroke or improving your times, you can benefit from a physiotherapist screening the critical requirements of joint range of motion as well as strength and flexibility. Unknown deficits in these areas can increase your chance of injury due to the repetitive nature of swimming and demands of the sport.


After the screening, our physiotherapists will provide you with a swimmer’s profile highlighting any deficiencies in strength, joint mobility and muscle flexibility. You can then work with our experienced physiotherapists and exercise physiologist throughout the season to optimize any deficiencies and provide you with the best swimming outcomes. In addition, any issues can be highlighted to your swimming coach so everyone is working together to make you a better swimmer!


With both physio’s, Dr. Ellie and Monique competing at a state and national swimming level throughout their swimming careers, our practice has a strong focus on enabling swimmers to optimize their ability as we understands the demand of the sport, whilst focusing on injury prevention throughout the swimming season.


Here at Lane Cove Physio, we are passionate about working with local swimming clubs and swimmers. We aim to provide clients with the latest physiotherapy evidence to optimize their performance.


Whether you are aiming at competing at a national level or completing your first ocean swim, a swimming assessment screening will give you areas to work on during the season and into the following year.


Call us now to book in for your FREE (Bulk billed private health) swimmer’s assessment with Monique NOW (02 9428 5772).